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No More Cardio-Vascular Disease
No More
Get your own website!
All three presentations on one website for Only $69.95 per Year!
(That is less than $6.00 per month)
These presentations are designed to take people who know absolutely nothing about L-Arginine and in just 25 minutes, bring them to the point of wanting it!
In addition your No More Cardiovascular Disease Website links directly to your Synergy BAck Office allowing your Proargi-9 customers to buy on-line.

Only $69.95 per year
Note: We use to set up your monthly subscription. To complete the process of setting up your personal website, you must have a PayPal account that has a credit card already linked to it.
With the order of your personalized website, you may also order the
No More Cardio vascular Disease DVD
For only $1.50 each with a minimum order of 50 plus shipping and handling.
Note: This option becomes available after you order the website.
This DVD like the website provides 3 dynamic presentations intended to capture attention, hold interest and inspire action.
The DVD can easily be handed out to your doctor, dentist, chiropractor neighbors, relatives, friends and associates!
The DVD s can be viewed on a big screen TV in addition to a computer. The presentations were recorded professionally by Jared Osmond in his state of the art recording studio.

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"There is nothing that I can find better than No More
 Cardiovascular Disease." 
Dan Higginson

2012 No More Cardio-Vascular Disease, LLC